“The Chong Remains The Same” Unreleased

Album by Marcus Adoro The Chong Remains The Same (Unreleased)




Musicians from MarkusHighWay and Nathan Azarcon (Bass), Vic McGayver (Drums), Zario Kadangyan (Drums), Jacob Sawyer(Drums), Jazz Nicolas (Drums, Keyboards), Buddy Zabala (Bass), Kim Ventusa (Guitars, Keyboards, Saxophone) , Nitoy Adriano (Guitars), Earl Tabasuarez (Guitars),     Nino Mendoza (Back up Vocals)

With remixes from Diego Mapa (Tarsius/Eggboy)  (Chong-Self Distract Remix)), and Pat Tirano (WMNI iDub Remix)

Album Cover by Ernest Concepcion

Recorded at Soundcreation Studio

Details @ the door. Sizes available.